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Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
Can I get an answer to this? I dont want to burn out a pump for nothing I'll draw a "minimum" line around 2 inches above the pump? I plan to use a pump with a gph around 800-900 after 5ft of head. I am debating between magdrive and eheim since those 2 seem to be the more popular pumps
It's hard to give an answer without seeing a specific pump in action. A few inches above the pump's intake will probably be enough. The good news is, if it's not high enough you can just draw a higher line and keep the sump topped off to that line instead. It will be easy to test this when you're setting up, just get the thing running and suck water out of the system until the pump just starts sucking air. Then draw a line a few inches above that and you have your safe minimum.

Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
I figured with the 3 baffles, that will force the water to go through the foam/whatever media. If I just had a big open area, I'd have to stuff the sump full with media to account for the variations in water level wouldn't I?
I like the baffles for this purpose, too. I'd keep them.

Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
according to him, a 1 inch drain can flow 300gph safely without noise?
Good luck getting a straight answer to this question. Depending on who you ask, a 1" mixed flow drain (that is, one that's sucking air and water) can handle as little as 50 gph or as much as 500-600 gph "quietly." It's hard to put a real number on it because different plumbing arrangements will behave differently, and people have different meanings of the word "quietly." The only way to have a truly silent drain (and a drain that has the least CO2 offgassing) would be a Herbie or Bean style drain, i.e. one that includes a valved full siphon.
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