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Originally Posted by Idrankwhat View Post
Graphic the three offset baffles are usually just a bubble trap in sumps that have a protein skimmer. You can probably better utilize that space with just a single initial baffle then make a compartment for biomedia or whatever you want to run in it. I keep my return pump in a very small baffled section and use the rest for other things.
I figured with the 3 baffles, that will force the water to go through the foam/whatever media. If I just had a big open area, I'd have to stuff the sump full with media to account for the variations in water level wouldn't I?
I think I saw a thread where someone did the reverse light cycle but everyone was wondering why lol. I think it can work, but I dont want to buy another light and I'm planning on a easy maintenance/ minimal trim tank I'll use frogbit to outcompete the algae if I have to. I did want to try to put on a hob breeder box to attempt to grow blackworms. If it works out well, I could consider trying to do the same in the middle part of the sump and get rid of the breeder box although the main display will probably have rcs for (occasional) live food.

I dont think I mentioned it, but I want the tank to have around 17 dwarf chain loaches and 25 rummy nose tetras and 6 otos.
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