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Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
Originally Posted by All your base
Speaking of the baffle to the left, how tall is it? It looks like your return pump's compartment is very small, this means you'll get a very quick drop in water level as water evaporates from the system. Unless you have an automatic topoff, you may find that you'll need to be adding water to compensate for evap several times a week to keep the pump from sucking air.

I didnt really have a set height in mind. I figured anywhere from half of the pump's height to full height. The primary purpose is for any dirty stuff and ceramic media to stay away from the pump. From my understanding, if the water level drops below the level of the pump, I'll have issues anyway?
Can I get an answer to this? I dont want to burn out a pump for nothing I'll draw a "minimum" line around 2 inches above the pump? I plan to use a pump with a gph around 800-900 after 5ft of head. I am debating between magdrive and eheim since those 2 seem to be the more popular pumps

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