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Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
Oh man, you just threw another gurgle elimination device at me lol. Looks like I still have more research to do lol. this one looks complicated too.

I think I'll just overengineer and avoid the dado joints which seem like they will take more time to do compared to just slapping on extra vertical support.

Is a refugium necessary on a planted tank though? I think I read something in a thread about if you have a super high light in the sump or an HOB, the algae will grow there and not in the main tank. not sure if it was definitively proven though
Haha, the the hofer gurgle buster is easy to build, it only looks complicated. If you don't have a dremel it would be more time consuming. There is a lot of them out there, and it seems most of them are pretty effective.

Like GraphicGr8s said, the dados are really easy to cut and have other nice benefits. After I had the legs cut, I clamped all 4 together evenly, set up my table saw, and ran through all the cuts to chisel them away.

I don't really see it as necessary, but the amount of filter media, equipment space, larger water volume, etc. made it worthwhile. For me it was cheaper to build than buying a canister filter, and using an open stand, has given me another area to grow plants submerged and as a riparium. I don't know if it could be used to control algae, I guess it would be a good area to use an algae scrubber (don't know how well they work).
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