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it's nice to hear opinions that are similar in regards to my penchant for the natural and simple!

but i ordered a uv light anyway...
$35 got me this one on amazon $35 got me this one on amazon
, free Prime shipping! A few reviews called into question the ability to obtain replacement bulbs for that unit, but I figure even if I can't this is a good way to stick a toe into UV light and see if I wanna drop >$100 on it.

Thanks for the suggestion for red ludwigia - I'll def have to pick some up (tho I don't remember seeing that in any of the LFS I frequent, nor do I see any for sale in the swap shop here. I'll keep an eye out.) I've also zeroed in on glossostigma, but I change my tank around every month or two, so I gotta make sure I stick to plants that don't mind being moved... (i.e. I don't see my crypt lasting... lol)
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