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Originally Posted by Mike00726 View Post
Never seen that before. Awesome.
me neither lol. its so much cooler in person! pictures don't do any justice
Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
That is very cool. Your DHG looks lush as well.
I love planting small amounts of it and having it filll in through the course of time.. but i had a nice amount starting out... so in a way, it was pre-carpeted >__< I should feel ashamed of myself
Originally Posted by A.D.D.i.c.t. View Post
That. Is. Awweeesssooommmeee!
I have loved that Gush orb since I first laid eyes on it. The anubias white is Perfect for it. It might look cool to have something on the opposite side of the tank to give it balance. Like move your drop checker parallel to the orb. Just a thought. This one is super nice!

the addiction continues...
lol... i was like, i don't what it is. but i know i need one of these :P
i hope to have the anubias white fill the entire glass orb :p maybe in a year..

Thanks for the suggestion! I totally agree and it looks like you'll see one of the two rearranged on my next update!

thanks so much! lol.. although the price was tough, it a plant worth owning.
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