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UPDATE: Recieved the Co2 Inline Atomizer/diffuser in the mail today and my Bubble counter.

Plummed in the inline diffuser and have it up and running, testing for leaks now. I'll post pics later tonight but one thing I'm debating about is if I should paint the back of my tank black or leave it clear. I know that plants will cover it up eventually but for now I don't like it.

Pics: Bubble Counter and Inline diffuser

Inline diffuser plumed in, it took a while as I really had to tighten the stainless steel tighters I bought more than I thought I would be, but it's not leaking. Unfortunately the fluval tubing that i'm using from the 306 to the heater is leaking just a tad so i'll have to tackle that soon.

I added some rocks for fun to the tank, don't think I'll use them but maybe the big one in the middle which you can't see in the pics but it is petrified wood.

I also don't like the way the outflow tubing goes across the back of the tank so I may need to cut a larger piece of tubing and make it come straight up from the back. That being said as soon as I get plants and Co2 going i'm sure they will fill in that background anyway.

Next i'm going to get a few timers for my lights and Co2 solenoid and then get my Co2 tank filled up. Then I wait for my substrate in the mail and then I can start cycling my tank. Oh and pick out plants and fish.

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