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Back in the game... Slowly 25cm Cube.

Originally Posted by freph View Post
Good deal. Pretty nice light then. The blue is growing on me. Got all my products sorted out. Tank should be setup sometime this week.

HM should stay bushy. If anything it'll melt and grow back, but I doubt it. HC never gave me issues with emersed growth conversion. It played nicely. Hopefully HM does the same for you. Looks like it's spreading very well so far, though (assuming that nice green stuff is HM...). Doubt you need those 50 stems, honestly. Were they the RAOK ones?
I actually don't really like the blue light. But I can't afford another strip of the white right now.
The spreading green plant is actually micranthemum umbrosum. It has a rounder leaf. I'm getting a different plant for the foreground. Hemianthus micranthemoides. They're actually two different species. I got alot of it because I want to give it a good head start. I never order enough plants.
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