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Metaframe Deluxe 28g Planted w/Co2 Build

Metaframe Deluxe 28g Planted w/Co2 Build

So i'll start this new tank thread with I found a great find on Craigslist for an old Metaframe Deluxe tank, with original lights and back plate in near perfect condition for a GREAT deal!

Currently I only have two small tanks a 14g BioCube and a 2g Fluval. You can see those tanks builds below in my signature line.

This tank is going to my basement in my work area. Its a good fit as this tank is almost as old as my house and the work bench it's sitting on.

I'm still debating on what I will put into the tank but I have a few idea for both flora and fauna but not decided on anything 100% yet.

Here is what I have for Equipment so far and some is on the way in the mail.

Tank: 28g Metaframe Deluxe with original lights and back plate
Lights: Two 6,500 15w CFL's (switching to LED's hopefully in the next month or so)
Filter: Fluval 306 (w/ extra 7/8 OD, 5/8 ID clear tubbing for inline equip)
Heater: Hydor 300w inline
Diffuser: UP AQUA inline diffuser
Co2: 5 lb. Stainless Steel tank, w/ two stage Co2 pressure regulator w/ solenoid (just traded somebody for this and not that familiar with it yet)
Bubble Counter: Fluval 88g Co2 Bubble Counter (Co2 equipment I bought didn't have a bubble counter)
Drop Checker: glass ADA style drop checker
Digital Thermometer: Coralife digital thermometer
Syphon: I just bought a 50 foot water syphon kit (no more hulling buckets)

Substrate: Safe T Sorb (just ordered a 40 lb. bag today)
Rocks and wood: I love great rocks and amazing wood so we will see what I can find and afford.

UPDATED 5/2/13:
Current Plants:
  1. Water Sprite
  2. Fissidens Fantaus (tied to rock)
  3. Anubias Petiete Nana
  4. Trident Java Fern
  5. Java Moss (just a few strands for now)
  6. Rotala Macrandra (Green)
  7. Rotala Rotundafolia (Green)
  8. Hygrophila Polysperma
  9. Pogostemon helferi
  10. Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
  11. Lindernia rotundifolia variegated
  12. Pogostemon erectus
  13. Marsilea minuta
  14. Staurogyne repens
  15. Ludwigia sp 'red'
  16. Subwassertang
Current Fish:
  1. 8 Chili Rasbora

  1. 3 Taiwan Red Cherry's (only three because I was moving from another tank)
  2. 2 Zebra Snails

One thing for sure is I won't fish that "pop" like the tank does and there are going to be lots of plants.

As of tomorrow I will have all equipment as the bubble counter, and inline diffuser should arrive. I will plumb the tank and get the water going. I already shimmed the tank (that was an ordeal) on my really old workbench and have an area for it.

Wish List: I will add to this too for anything I want to get.
1. LED's (going to local club's workshop in June)
2. Lily Pipes: Would like to get Stainless Steel Lily Pipes (might start with glass)

Here are a few pictures, one from the add I bought the tank and the rest are of the tank. I like to post a lot of pictures so as this build evolves i'll add a bunch more. Because what's a thread without pics?!?!

Tank Picture (From the ad, don't mind the black plastic light on the back, it's in the garbage now):

Tank in my basement on my workbench (testing lights) filled no leaks. I threw in a few frogsbit and a branch of Madrona (common in the NW) for fun:

Side shot so you can see the lights and back plate on these Metaframe tanks:

Shimming my tank (wow 45 minutes to shim it... and yes I used most of the Large Shim package):

Equip shots and more to come... stay tuned!

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