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I have a Wet / Dry on my current 90g

I'm setting up another 90g and will be building the wet / dry for that one this week.

I will likely convert a 10g I'm not using into a wet / dry for my 29g, and retire my Eheim 2217 I have on that tank.

I love wet / dry filters. So far, I've had great success with them.

The constant water level in the DT is very nice, I like having nothing running up the back or the side of the tank (my two 90's are bottom drilled), being able to hide the heater in it, being able to dose my ferts into it, being able to pump ungodly amounts of CO2 into the tank, knowing I'm also putting in ungodly amounts of O2 into the tank. There are lots of reasons a wet dry has been excellent for me.

My plants love it. My fish love it. I love it.

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