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Dry Starting Stem Plants question?

Hi, there I have a question in a tank of mine that I'm dry starting. I have a bunch of different stems plants in the tank with ADA soil and a finnex ray 2 on it. The tank has been dry started for about 3 weeks now. I have notice that the leaves have been dry out and blackening but I do notice them growing new roots. Does this meaning that they are transitioning from submerse to immersed? Also my HC in the same tank have started yellowing but have a bunch of new roots. Is this what I should expect. I don't mist everyday as I see there is a bit of moisture on glass of the tank. Am I doing something wrong with my tank as I don't see new growth just new roots? I leave the light on for 12 hours a day and it gets about 2-3 hours of natural sunlight. One last thing is that these stem plants don't stand up like I have to lean them on a rock in order to have them not on the substrate.
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