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God, you guys are a bunch of fuddy duddies. It's not casssst, it's gonna be a funny shaaaape.

Listen, as far as planted tanks go? It's 14" deep max! And FREE. Make a tank 64" long, 14" deep (13 inside) , 14" wide. Basically a double plus long 20L. Glue the faces to the front and back of the base, instead of doing it the "right" way. You have a whole inch of surface to bond, plus it's a friggin inch thick, there'll be no deflection when you fill it.

The crazy thickness of the plex will make it look like fish swimming in the middle of a trough of ice. 1" thick is hard to cut but clamp a straightedge and maybe rent a heavy duty circular saw, or better yet, since you only need one piece cut in this scenario, you outsource that to somebody local "cut me off two 16" pieces of this 14" stock and polish the edges".* See if you have a local plastic fab. Probably run you $10, if they won't take a six pack and a promise that you send them a picture when you're done.

Bingo bongo, you have a "rocks thrown by the lawnmower and little kids proof" outdoor pond tank. Or an indoor stream, ready to riparium plant a bank or riffle tank some hillstream loaches. Or a big shallow coral frag tank. You will not be able to put a HOB on that guy though, like 99% sure.

*obviously you need to measure the thickness of the stock, multiply times two and add to the 14" width, but you get the idea)

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