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Thanks for the replies guys.

What kind of algae should I expect?

Since it is a CRS breeding tank I was thinking if it is the green algae, they'd munch on it and it would be a good thing for me.

BBA is not too bad a problem for me seeing as my ramshorn usually eat it up. My only real fear would be hair algae lol.

Also, is CO2 dosed primarily to increase plant growth and prevent algae outbreaks? I ask this because I worry giving my plants high light without CO2 will kill them.

Is CO2 recommended just to prevent algae? If so, I will not be risking my livestock/breeding to just prevent algae.

and how much ferts do I need to dose? All I really do for dosing is put root tabs into the substrate... am I going to have to dose Seachem flourish comprehensive? How much and how often?

I thought I would not need to dose ferts because my plants are undemanding in terms of nutrients...

Thanks again for reading. Clarification would be greatly greatly appreciated.

I will also look into using a black window mesh of some sort if I do come home to a massive algae problem.
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