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Completed the "1-2" yesterday. Went exactly as described in DC's instructions. Calculated to use 40 gallons of my 50. After removing canister media, H2O2 was introduced. Used the revised 2 tablespoon/10 gallon ratio. Introduced 8 tablespoons to tank while running medialess filter and Koralia pump. Plenty of circulation. Went for the prescribed 15 minute circulation time. At end, I pulled 50% out and started the refill. Checked the transfer hoses and found that they were coated in several kinds of algae. Used the MagFox cleaner. It worked ok, after a lot of elbow grease. Literally fell apart after two hoses and scratched the crap out of the exterior of the hoses. Will use brush/trimmer string method next time... As water was coming back up, added Excel as directed. Stood back and watched the gorgeous pearling on the plants. This morning, everyone is there. Plants ok. Fish ok. I'd have to say it was a successful operation!

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