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Originally Posted by Jason K View Post
It's been one week. Glosso and HC starting to creep noticeably, although about a quarter of the HC has floated to the top of the tank...may leave it there permanently to encourage taller growth in the hair grass, as well as provide some cover for the critters to be added...think I want to try green neons instead of cardinals. Hair algae is very visible in both tanks. Will remove as much as I can @ water change tomorrow.
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Trimmed out alot of the naughty stargrass bits yesterday...looking much better. Moved the baby tears in the middle foreground behind the driftwood. I may put crypt parva in its place, if I can find some. Or some other plant...any suggestions?
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Hairgrass growing fast, and getting taller than I expected...which is good.
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These little JBJ fans work well, have a small footprint, and produce low noise. Good product.
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Bonus 'tank'! Leftover foreground plants.
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where did you get the light lamp over the doaqua tank?
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