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Riccia has made a come back and is green green green.

However, I've decided to fix the problem where if the riccia grows out of the path of light it will yellow up and die.

I've replaced my hood with a glass hinged top and replaced my single T8 fixture with a Dual T5HO fixture with mounting legs.

- AquaticLife T5 HO Dual Lamp Light Fixtures (36")

I'm just hoping I won't be melting my low light plants. AKA my marimo balls/java ferns/java moss/peacock moss.

Do you guys think this might happen? I set the timer on 7 hours a day (11:30AM --> 6:30PM). I will probably make a thread about this on the light thread and see what the responses are.

Anyways, here are the pics lol:

I love this lighting. Makes everything oh so pretty.

Well that is all for updates. In the future I plan on implementing a sump and designing my breeder box to start selectively breeding shrimp with golden bees I plan to obtain and/or have the box hold CRS/CBS I plan to sell to people for quick capture.

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