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Just an update for anyone still interested or reading. Did a big water change/cleaning/light adjustment/Co2 change Saturday. Been waiting to do all this because I'm treating the tank for mouth rot right now. Seems to be under control though.

The finnex ray2 led light is now hanging over tank making it 20" over substrate. According to Hoppy's article and estimates that puts me at 50 par. Might raise them a little more depending on algae growth.

Running two DIY Co2 generators that make a little less than 1 bubble per second. Still haven't seen my diffuser I ordered 3 weeks have the bubbles going up into a pocket in the driftwood to help the Co2 dissolve better.

Going to order the smallest power head I can find to help make better circulation in the tank. And suggestions? Looking at the hydor koralia 240 right now. Don't want too much current. Also going to get some seachem iron to add with my dosing.

Dosing flourish comprehensive twice weekly, and excel every other day now that I have the Co2 back.

Only new growth I've noticed is on my rangeri sword and those leaves look good. Any leaves on all the plants that aren't new don't look very healthy that normal that thay arent coming back with the new lighting? (I had horrible low lighting for a while)
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