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Originally Posted by assasin6547 View Post
Yeah my parents would never do that. They even complain when I'm spending my own hard-earned (not allowance) cash. I think your plan is going to come out great
Originally Posted by CPDzeke View Post
Yeah. My dad lets me go to the LFS only every 3 weeks so I don't blow all my cash on tanks and stuff. They do complain when I do that. For example You're spending so much money on plants! Don't you already have enough?
You can never have too many plants.
I don't know how old the both of you are, but I'm sixteen -- I think as you get older and become more independent, they begin to care less. For example, parents would've killed me three years ago for dropping several Benjamins on a Mini S setup or almost as much on a nice watch. But as you earn more, show more maturity, they ease off.

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