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The behemoth, the 1600 gallon planted tank

Here's a pic of the hardscape.
Took 22 hours of straight planting to complete, the hardscape took about 8-9 hours.

Oh the fish list is not anything anyone's ever done.
36 Champ 10" largest discus I've ever seen
64 altums, yep 64........
60 Rose lines
60 spotted giant hatchets, never seen these before.
Rare plecos etc
Hundreds of nice apistos
1000 Cardinals
100 N espei

I think there's 8 sq ft of HC, oh that was fun planting that perched inside the tank on a warm day

Tenji does the main enginneering, life support, I do everything inside the tank and CO2 etc.

Andy(MBA aquarist), Richard, ugly old me, Mark(Monterey Bay Aquarium curator). We all worked long and hard on this.
The plants pearled 2 hours after lights on.

I'm replanting some things in 2 weeks, hard to find enough plants to stuff the tank.

1000gpd RO system with a 700 Gallon reservior.
7 Fluidized bed filter, 6 ft Biotower, dual reduncy built in throughout the system.

CO2, muhaha........
Two 24" CO2 reactors, two 3/4" mazzi venturis, and two ADA beetle 50's in the tank's corners.

Pure O2 injection and controller.
Maintained at no less than 8-9ppm.

Nothing like it.

I am looking into adding an ISE NO3, PO4 and NH4 probes for real time measures that are extremely accurate.

The tank is a fish and plant tank, not just a plant tank.

Tom Barr

Tom Barr

Tom Barr

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