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Originally Posted by cornhusker View Post
starting a new tank out on a diet of EXCELL has proved to me to be the best way to keep your algae at bay.on a 75 gal 7 capfuls at water change and 3 caps every other can cut back at about six don't have to overdose when using on a new tank setup.i have 7 tanks setup this way and don't regret it.low maintenence way to go. regards,cornhusker
How often do you change your water? Going low-tech low maint, I wasn't planning on changing my water for months. At least that's what I'd read based on Walstad & Barr info i've seen.

Originally Posted by Fish Newb View Post
DO NOT add SAE add a group of Albino Bushy Nose Plecos they are AWSOME algea eaters. they are also usually good priced. check swap n shop and aquabid for them.

- fish newb -

algea in low tech is normal.. you just need to find out how to controll it.....
Just curious as to why you recommend against SAE. I've heard mixed reviews. Most say they're good when small then they get lazy as they get bigger. I'll need to do some research on bristlenose.

I'm sure there are things you can do to minimize algae in low-tech, maybe I'm wrong as I can't say from experience. Articles I've read make it sound possible. The control via algae eaters, etc. is necessary but it should not be the primary mode of attack IMO.
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