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Update time. BBA was getting ridiculous so I pulled the tank apart and cleaned everything with h2o2. I also wanted to have a little bit of a tweak with the wood and secure it better. Had some Perspex left over from a tank top I'd made so decided to use that to secure the wood to. I just used some stainless steel screws and got busy with the dewalt drill.
Here's a few pictures. First is my pile of parts....

First piece to go down was the largest piece. It seemed to be a good base to work from

Quick shot of the screws in place

Added the next piece

And the next

And some more

Finally had a tweak around and came up with my final arrangement. I personally think it looks really natural looking so will leave it at that. Before adding it to the tank I gave it a good rinse to remove and plastic/wood particles. I'll be adding substrate later today once I get motivated lol


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