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I guess I missed that little part about the "temporary" price hike. I own two Aquatek paintball regs, they both behave the same. One actually runs 24/7 not on a timer and sometimes the solenoid valve actuated in that I have to un-plug and plug it to get it running again. Anyway, just because they're low in stock doesn't seem right to bump the price that high. Just backorder the darn thing and don't take advantage of the consumer like rising gas prices. I've also noticed that they did something similar to their full sized regulator in that they're selling it as only the indoor plant option and selling the brass bubble counter separately - when it used to come with it... I find these recent shifts in Aquatek distasteful and I think I'm going to spend my money with GLA on my next regulator..

Edit: OP - sorry if I hijacked.. I suppose this has some relevance in why my interest shifted to the GLA atomic regulator v2. Thank you for your insight on it again!
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