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Talking 10 Gallon CRS Minimalist

My very first journal, I hope it goes well. After study up on Crystal Red Shrimp quite a bit, I decided to finally make a move and start putting this together. I was wanting to invest more in plants and shrimp, so I went with a standard Aqueon. I also plan to add some Pumpkin Orange. Here are some specs.

Tank: 10 gallon Aqueon (derimmed!)
Filter: AquaClear 30 (Waiting for it to come)
Lighting: Finnex Fugeray (Waiting for it to come)
Substrate: NEW Amazonia (Waiting for it to come)
Hardscape: Manzanita from Save-on-Crafts (Waiting for it to come)

Total cost: ~$150 maybe more

Well derimming went off to a good start, but about 3/4 way through I got a bit too excited and you know what happens when you rush tedious tasks involving a razor sharp X-acto knife... All better now, but it was bleeding uncontrollably.

Well despite that fatality the derimming went well . No chips, scratches and I did my best to remove as much silicon as possible. Promptly ordered some mosses and SS mesh (thanks H4n!). Flora:

Taiwan Moss (wall)
Mini Xmas Moss (midground)
Flame Moss (background)
Mini Fissidens (foreground)
Fissidens (glued to Manzanita)

*Please ignore the random junk in the photos.

And yes I realize I haven't made much progress and it's still a bit boring so here are some pix of my dragons Spike and Ruby. Ah, and anything the beginning Caridina newb should know? Any feed back accepted. I was going to get Purigen, a sponge filter and stuff like that but my budget was drained by the time I thought of those things.

How I feel about non-planted aquariums.
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