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Mark's Almost-ADA Build

Just as they do with many of my tanks, I've changed plans a lot here.

I've moved my build over to an interesting AquaTop build. The whole goal? Cost saving. The methods I chose literally save me half the price on an entire ADA setup, but again, I'm not exactly saying I won't ever set one up.

I'll detail the goals of this tank:

As always, I wanted to create an interesting build that has a nice scape and is easy to transport. This is being set up in lieu of my DBP 18'' which is sadly being torn down.

I decided on AquaTop's Mini S "Knockoff" which is a 3.4g tank high-clarity tank with similar dimensions. I decided on an Archaea light (ADA Recommended), Zoomed canister, flourite substate.

Flora: Mosses, crypts. Basically low light plants. I never aspire for too much, although I'd love to figure out a way to make a moss carpet in the middle.

Fauna: Snails andddd WAIT FOR IT!! Yep. Blue Diamonds. I'm really hoping to establish a good colony here.

The budget for this tank was ORIGINALLY $200. (I never include Fauna in tank budgets) but since I decided on $9 each shrimp, I decided I needed to shrink it.

I spent:
$50 for the tank + shipping
$35 on the light (Thanks CPDZeke)
$34 on the Filter
$16 on the substrate.
$02 on the Pre-Filter Sponge

All in all $137.

With the shrimp included, we can bring that to a $191.

But like I said, I never do, so pick whichever number you like. I think it was worth it. I'm hoping this aquarium grows in real well and really makes my neos happy.

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