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Originally Posted by aquanut415 View Post
looks very nice, and clean as well.
my only question is the following; regarding the location of the pH probe, aren't you concerned that you will be getting readings that are higher than the pH levels you would see in the tank?
considering the probe is in a small quantity of water compared to the quantity of water the probe would measure the pH in the tank?
does that make sense?
Originally Posted by Brilliant View Post
Yet another marvel!

I am almost finished my RO water storage, primarily based on your other thread. Isnt brain surgery but it made things much easier seeing what someone else had done. As always thanks for sharing! AND great job!

I have one your pH probe upstream or downstream of the co2 input? Wont this give different readings being so close to source of co2?
The PH probe is upstream of the CO2 injector. I test my PH, temp, and TDS daily using handheld meters. The prototype 55 gallon has been rock steady for over 3 months, if the PH on the handheld doesn't match any of my 4 SMS-122s, I'll pull the offending probe and calibrate it.

I have modified my water storage a little, just at the 55 gallon drum. I moved the pump outlet to the back so I could store the water changer in the front hole. This allows me to recirculate the water so it does not become stagnant during storage. Here is what it looks like now, compare it with the other pics in my DIY link below.....DC

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