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Johnson18's Emersed Tanks

Welcome to my emersed journey!

I'm working to update this first post to include the current specs: tanks, lights/bulbs, etc., my plant list and such as everything has changed in the last year since I began setting up my first emersed tank. I am also in the process of packing my house up to move cross country to Tucson, AZ in May 2014. Once there, I will be building my rack set up for my emersed tanks, at which point I hope to make all my emersed tanks identical sizes(probably 40G Breeders) and expand to have several more tanks than my current two.

Complete(mostly) and Updated Plant Species List in Post #14!!!

Emersed Rack plans are in Post #91 on page #7! Hoping for 6-8 tanks total! Input Welcome!

I am almost always looking for new Cryptocoryne species to add to my collection! If you have a species that you don't see here, shoot me a PM, I'm probably interested in adding it to my collection!!

Original 1st post!
I posted this in the general discussion earlier, since I've gone ahead and started the tank I thoughts a I'd want to update the thread, seemed like a good start for a journal!

Here is my post from earlier:

I've become pretty interested in growing plants emersed, mostly crypts, but I want to try several plants. I've done a bit of reading on the subject. I decided to give it a go using a 20 long I've got sitting around.

My plan is to use some basic plastic tupper ware containers to start. I plan on drilling wholes in the bottom of each container. I am wondering if I should drill some on the lower half of the sides too? If drilling doesn't work for some reason, like plastic cracking, I saw somewhere on a cryptocoryne website where a person used a blow torch and a nail to melt wholes in the containers. I've got the tools to do that if needed.

For lighting I've got either a dual lamp t5ho 24" or 48". I believe both have one 6700 and one 10k bulb...

I'm planning on using some MG top soil I have around the house. Wondering if I should mix anything in with it... Sand, peat moss, osmocote+, or...??

Water will probably be filled below the substrate level, though if some plants need it higher I can always add a taller lever to part of the tank using crates or something.

I will probably start out with plastic wrap as a top. Eventually getting some plex as a cover.

Now for the fun part....Plants!

I've got some random plants hanging around in a couple tanks that aren't part if the aquascape...

A couple anubias, I think a coffee and a nana. Maybe a few types of java fern? A few random stems that are still surviving in my 20L PFR riparium. I was thinking about also using a few of the basic crypts that I've already got: several types of wendtii, lucens, beckettii, lutea, balansae. I've also got some bacopa on the way.

So that's where I'm at now, as far as my plan! I'm starting to clean up the tank and drill wholes this afternoon. I will probably try to get started planting this evening.

Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas or even "hey dummy, you're doin' it wrong" would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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