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Re: AFA has lily pipe spin

Originally Posted by chris.rivera3 View Post
How much water movement is created at the other end of the tank, especially since this filter is designed to handle high GPH flow. This information would be particularly helpful for those that keep high sensitive shrimp that aren't tolerant of strong water movement; this will also be helpful in plant/filter placement in a tank as certain plants don't like strong currents/water movement. If a plant receives too much movement it will stunt their growth or force them to grow in a direction that is unnatural.

I am also interested to see how much surface agitation this filter produces - too much surface agitation results in higher O2 exchange but more CO2 will be lost; will we need to increase the CO2 to compensate for the loss or higher gas exchange rate?

If you're spending $120+ on a single lily pipe wouldn't you like to know as much information about it - effectiveness/functionality/productiveness - especially when there are cheaper alternatives (albeit different design) widely available elsewhere?
I get your point but I guess I saw the videos and they show how the pipe works and how much agitation and all that it makes (barely any).

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