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green water?

I'll be the first to admit my tank is out-of-whack right now. The 3-legged stool that is ferts-co2-light is falling over.

I'm in the process of putting all the pieces together for what will be regarded as a "hi-tech" planted aquarium.

I've had my Marineland Aquatic Plant LED on there for a few weeks (my review here).

Started doing substrate tabs this past week (Aquafertz total & trace). Thinking about adding the occasional water column fertz, but gonna take it slow.

And the remaining parts needed for pressurized co2 are in shipping transit.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my water is getting green. I've stepped up water changes and started hitting the tank with some Fourish Excel, as well as keeping closer tabs on water parameters.

I'm guessing that it's an algae bloom of some sort, floating in the water making it green? It's not terribly noticable or over the top (until I drain into a white bucket), and there's nothing visible on the glass or aquarium contents (well, a little on the driftwood). Perhaps the pleco and snail are helping with the surfaces.

Any thoughts? Anything else I should be doing? My current plan is to ride it out with water changes until I get my co2 up and running - but I'm still curious as to whether I'm right about why my water is green, and if anybody else has some ideas...
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