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Originally Posted by gSTiTcH View Post
CO2 in the water column does not displace oxygen, and will not have any effect on the BB in the filter.
That's just not true... If you have much higher CO2 levels, your oxygen level may stay the same - but is lower in relation to the oxygen. As air is a solution, this is all distributed evenly. CO2 might not get rid of the oxygen, but it most definitely displaces it.
If you're correctly dosing your CO2 for your tank, you're also effectively asphyxiating your beneficial bacteria via this method of diffusion.

I just ran into a post about this somewhere on the forum, and realized that I was being presumptuous when i made this comment... Hoppy is right (as usual).
Generally one does not displace the other in any extreme way, although I've heard of people causing their fish to gasp with unreasonably high CO2 levels. It would take a heck of a lot of CO2 to do significant harm to the aquarium. You should be fine with the CO2 in the intake for a few weeks, although I still wouldn't leave it there permanently. I've heard too many stories of people having problems with this to truly ever feel *safe* about it.

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