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Originally Posted by SemperFish View Post
I had mine set up for less than a year and I totally redone mine. It was a pain but I wasn't happy with my first pond. Now I want to redo it again, make it bigger, bigger waterfall, more plants, ect. The only thing stopping me is the wife and my (her) money!

I think it's a very nice looking pond, I'm sure it would be even better looking if you redo it.
I am happy with it overall but I am not satisfied with how I did the waterfall and that I can see the liner at the bottom of it so those things I am going to fix...know what you mean about the money!

Originally Posted by wootlaws View Post
Redo it! The pond looks great!
Thank you

Originally Posted by jhays79 View Post
How deep is your pond? I love how it's tucked next to your deck and house, it looks really sweet!
At it's deepest point it is like 30" deep which I really wanted it deeper so I will be digging it out alot more when I redo it. It does fit very well where it is at but if I wash the siding, it is a pain.

Originally Posted by Julianzh View Post
what a nice looking pond!
Thank you

Originally Posted by STS_1OO View Post
I think you did an awesome job. Assuming that it needs to be redone, my vote is redo it rather than scrap it forever!
Will definitely be redoing it...just need to save some money first.

Originally Posted by marthat View Post
Beautifully done
Thank you

Originally Posted by xmas_one View Post
Can't you just put a new liner in over the old one? Seems like that would be an easy fix. Looks awesome by the way.
I could but there are things I want to change and the biggest work is doing the rocks. I may use some of the existing liner for extra protection.

Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
Great job!
Thank you!

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