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Originally Posted by Mxx View Post
Great light mod. I've been working on doing a similar thing. Does the JB weld sufficiently hold the mitered aluminum angles together though?

I'm also curious, why did you use both the angle and square sections? Could you not have mounted the LED's directly onto the angles? Or used C channels even? That's what I'm using and I've painted them already but haven't mounted the chips and wires.
Thanks! So far, the JB has held up well, but I am careful when handling it, so I can't testify to how much strength it actually has. It seems very sturdy though.

I had planned on just using the L channel alone, but then I didn't like that the light strip was going to be so recessed from the glass, and the forward projection of the light was going to be limited by the front face of the L channel.

The square channel was just the right size to bring the light strip almost perfectly flush with the bottom edge of the L channel, which would allow for the best light spread. Plus, the square channel also acts as a heatsink, which I thought would minimize the any chance of heat related paint bubbling, etc.

I don't have a way to measure the difference of light output over the stock lighting, but it's HUGE. I would safely say at LEAST 4-5x brighter with better coverage.

The only thing I would do differently, is to build a wider U, as I like the coverage much better with it pulled out 1.5". If I built it 1.5" out from the sides too, that would have been best.
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