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I saw it mentioned once in this thread, but figured I'd throw in my $0.02:

Tropi-Quatics in Lombard
Nothing over-the-top here, but a solid store. Employees are definitely hobby-grade and are happy to engage in conversation. Sloan is their resident planted-tank expert and chatted with me for some time and gave some solid advice. They're pretty much 50-50 salt and fresh. Livestock selection isn't huge, but looks healthy and tanks are well maintained. According to the employees, plant turnover is pretty quick, though the selection was somewhat sparse when I was there - they said a shipment was coming tomorrow. I did buy 3 plants though and all are doing great. I'd give them a B+ on supplies / equipment. They even have some used tanks/hoods/stands for pretty reasonable prices. Prices overall are good - a few dollars more than online but they don't gouge you like Aquarium Adventure.

BTW, regarding Aquarium Adventure - I frequent both Bollingbrook and Hoffman Estates locations. I usually just go with a cup of coffee in hand and stroll around and stare at the great fishie selection. Rarely do I actually buy from there because of their inflated prices. They remind me of REI - you pay to sign up for their membership to get "discounted" prices, which actually just get you back down to MSRP. grrrr. I'm ashamed to say, though, that I did sign up for a lifetime membership when I first moved here (because I couldn't find any good LFS around). If you're planning a puchase from there, email me and I'll give you my phone number - that's all you need to claim the membership discount.
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