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Originally Posted by Soup12 View Post
Are those tongs very thin at the ends? what is the measurement in mm?

I currently have the Fluval Flora Stainless Steel Planting Tongs and the ends are too thick at 3mm making it really hard to plant.
i don't know the measurement in mm, but I haven't had any trouble using them for planting. If I were to get another set I would choose ones that had more grip at the end. these ones are smooth and I just use them for planting/removing any random debris. sometimes they lose their grip of the plant. but for the price, they serve me very well.

not much to report for today, just letting the rotala get resettled after the trim. gonna get a shorter set of curved scissors. Have also cut my photo period down to about 6.5 hours. don't want to get ahead of myself. also, vinegar and water has proven to be the best glass cleaner when cleaning the outside glass of the tank.

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