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Originally Posted by hambone870 View Post
Just ordered mine on amazon along with the gh / kh test kit

both combined under 26$ not a bad deal considering the master test kit alone at my lfs is 29.99

it seems that the 4 gallon is an ideal betta habitat and will be watching your thread and progress closely
Thanks, and I agree. Even if you do not change the filter setup, I think it is fine. That is the next thing I am going to look into.

I am switching to only 20% water changed once a week now, instead of daily. The water params based on my test strips is not changing at all. The cloudiness is gone. I doubt there is any way I have had a complete cycle, but at this point I think daily 20% water changes is delaying in further cycling.

I think the 2gal Evolve (which actually, the number for the Evolve is not the gallon size from what I can tell, just their model number which happens to usually be close to the gallon size) is too small, although still better than how many people keep their Bettas. The Evolve 4 I got was on clearance for the same price as the 2.

After I get my 29gal setup someday, I might see if my office will allow me to have a second Evolve 4. They approved me to have a max 10gal tank, so why not two 4's? LOL
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