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Originally Posted by Loachutus View Post
Have you thought about a river tank manifold?

I like at least 1 HOB on my river tanks. For me it simulates water coming up over rocks (rapids). You can use HOB's and canisters with a river manifold, as well as a power head.

Have you tried calling a local counter top manufacturer or general contracter for what you're looking for? You may be able to get their scraps. Buy them a couple of brew's and they may even cut it for you.
i forgot all about that thing! thank you. i think i will use that but modify the design to work with a canister filter. the canisters will give me a total flow of 675gph, 375 on the river., and 300 for the general tank. Because i have found these guys rather sensitive to water quality.

Originally Posted by chrislewistx View Post
+1 on the local granite suppliers.

If you could do anything you wanted, how would the river bed be positioned in the tank? Also, is it possible to drill the bottom of the tank and bring the hoses in there and up through the substrate or would that be a nightmare in the making?

Those are interesting fish. What else do you plan to have in the tank, plants, etc?
i am thinking about one of these. the top left is the original idea i had in my head.

i'm not sure i want to drill the bottom of the tank, i foresee that being a huge problem it would make the tank cleaner and much easier to set-up, but when i move, or if anything goes wrong i potentially would have to drain the entire tank....i don't want to run that risk.

as far as the tank goes, i am taking the 29g in my sig and moving the whole thing to the 40b. then up my numbers on the loaches, and rummy noses, and corys.

Originally Posted by Conrad283 View Post
How about a granite supplier to purchase some of the scraps?
initially i had strayed away from granite because of cost, and i wondered if it would look natural in a tank?


Hillstream/Boreno Loach Refuge

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