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Thanks Kwheeler!

Plants finally are clean for the most part but some are not happy at all. H. sibthorpioides is not liking getting grazed, Persicaria 'Kawagoeanum' doesn't like getting dried out during water changes and one mystery plant which is likely Proserpinaca "Cuba" is alternately stunting, losing growing tips then bushing out, all without showing nice color and leaf shape. Really strong stems and thick leaves though.

Full tank. I did chop some of the stems back a little. When you dump out all but 4" of water 20" stems tend to get really tangled.

Fern island is visible again. I replanted the smaller leaved Marsilea but there is still quite a mess in there. Sorry about all the bubbles, this is 4 hours after the tank was full too.

Middle of tank, Anubias flower, Crypt weed and recovered Bolbitis with lovely dark shade underneath. There is actually another crypt weed in the middle of the Bolbitis clump.

Thinned out foreground with wood hanging over rocks. Loved the overgrown Marsilea but enough was enough!
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