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Originally Posted by KenP View Post
Great job Richard. Do you think as they grow you will need to split them into additional tanks? Will you need to add additional phyto or will it reproduce faster then the larvae will eat it? Full salt 35ppt? Tetraselmis? Nanochloropsis? Proprietary mix? Would you rather wait to see if your trial is successful? 55 more days and we will know.
Hi KenP... if things go well then we will definitely need more tanks... and conversely if we have some early losses I think we may have a water quality issues.. You raise a good point and I need to give some thought for when the time comes.

I have far more zoes this time around and am also thinking about sticking a bit more to the original strategy (in 2012) where some successes were achieved (as all the mating amano and zoes are from my tank bred, from the first attempt)

With this in mind (and the risk that this new method will not guarantee results) I have ground down some Spirulina into warm water and added 5ml solution into the phyto mix.

Re Phyto ... I am now also thinking that I should change some water every two days (as last time I left if ages between changes). You may well be right in suggesting the phyto will grow as some is eaten and therefore by stepping up the frequency of changes (although in small 1lt quantities) the phyto will have more opportunity to grow also.

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