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Originally Posted by Fat Guy View Post
The staghorn is completely gone. The best method for me was spot treating it with excel. Actually, the smartest thing I've done to treat it was to first remove the tank of its occupants. Tinkering with c02 and excel can be tough on the fauna...(and flora). I treated the tank for about a week. Half an hour before lights up I closed the valve for my filter so there was no current and treated the glosso with a dosing syringe of excel. After about 20-30 minutes, I reopened the filter valve and brought the current back in. I overdosed excel for three days then did a major water change and repeated for the first week. stahorn eventually turned grey then virtually transparent. I dosed more than the recommended amount which I know can be issue. There are zero inhabitants in the tank except for pond snails. My pond snail population did diminish significantly after dosing. I dosed between 5-10ml. after a week I did a 75% water change and resumed daily maintenance without excel. I have to say that excel did the trick, however I noticed a difference in the growth of my glosso after the first couple of days. The plants were not pearling and to me the new growth seemed thin. After the last major water change and ferts plants have bounced back. I read that there is a risk of damaging your plants by overdosing excel. I felt like I was walking a very fine line. Finally, though, the staghorn is gone. I've tried very hard to be patient. With such a small tank there is ver little room for error.

Got some 12" tweezers today from Southern Oak aquatics. $20 and free shipping. They work very well. If I were to purchase such a product again, I would go with 10" ones. These are great, just take some getting used to.

Redid my 4dkh recipe for my drop checker. After 4 hours the drop checker is green. Big thanks to the and its members for the recipe:

I used Billionzz recipe found here:

and followed it to the T.

I weighed every element instead of measuring on my graduated cylinder. The graduated cylinder I have is inaccurate.

Have to say, this recipe make me feel much more confident in getting a general estimate of co2.

All plants are pearling. Again. glad I switched to the 18w bulb. Hairgrass is shooting out multiple runners too. Going to do a tank trim tomorrow. some glosso is still growing high while others are growing horizontally.

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Are those tongs very thin at the ends? what is the measurement in mm?

I currently have the Fluval Flora Stainless Steel Planting Tongs and the ends are too thick at 3mm making it really hard to plant.
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