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Originally Posted by Zorfox View Post
Just finished reading your thread. Quite a progression you've had with this tank! I love the simplicity and cleanliness of them all. Very nice!

Have you ever considered plugging the end of your suction line and drilling small holes rather than using the screen? I think it would look much better for this type of setup. Similar to the standard ADA glass tubes. You seem to have an affinity to making your own lily pipes.
Thanks zorfox. I don't mind the screen. i like that it's easy to clean and keeps a lot of debris out of the filter.

Originally Posted by beedee View Post
Nice job on the lilys and the tank is a beauty!

Were you able to find the acrylic at your local hardware store, or did you have to order it from TAP Plastic?
thanks beedee. I picked up the tubing at a plastic store in chinatown here in nyc.

I just picked up some dry iron chelate form gla and made a mix to dose extra with my micros. the rotala seems to be responding very well and is showing some nice red coloration especially on the new growth.

the next purchases are going to be some plantex (in the distant future) and some shorter curved scissors to make the carpet trimming a little more manageable.

best, walt
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