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Thanks aluka!

The flame moss is growing back to its former glory! I removed the shrimp and temporarily placed them in a small cube tank I had sitting around in preperation for their new home in the ADA tank. I moved the dwarf puffers to this GLA tank since I'm selling the 10g halfmoon they were once in. Need to make room for the GF's ADA 60-F so we're playing musical tanks :lol:.

Anyway, I removed the A. reinikii and replaced it with the Ludwigia sp. Red. It's growing in nicely in the back right corner. The Blyxa Japonica I placed in the back left is getting larger and appears to be thriving. I think I see smaller side shoots so I might be able to separate some babies soon. I added a small amount of Subwassertang behind the big stone -- didn't know what else to do with it.

I started with 1 Downoi, I now have 4 crowns... a 5th on the way. It's weird because the original crown I purchased is the only one producing baby plants. I wonder why the 2 others that are almost as large aren't? One more thing, my largest crown of Downoi (which was the original one I bought), used to be big... I determined that the shrimp were eating my Downoi because now that they are removed, I don't see any more dead leaves with tiny holes in it... :facepalm:

Excuse the algae and gunk in the lily pipes, I've been lazy to clean them!

Well too much text again without pics :facepalm:... so here they are:

And a pic of the puffers my lovely GF took with her DSLR
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