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Tillandsias - Air Plants

Finally got some of these in and ready to go. Shipping will be $6. These guys are OK down to about 40 degrees for short periods, so be aware of your weather.

For detailed care instructions, which are really very easy, click here.

1. Aeranthos x Stricta $5.50

2. Arujeii $4.00

3. Caput Medusea $4.50

4. Xerographica $15.50

5. Argentea Thin Leaf $2.00

6. Tenufolia Blue $4.00

7. Streptophylla $7.50

8. Ionantha Mexican $2.50

9. Bulbosa $6.00

Plants may or may not be in bloom at time of shipment. We'll be shipping these on Mondays and Tuesdays only. As live plants, expect some variation in appearance.

Basic Care

Bright, Filtered light

50-90 F

2-3 times per week.

Twice per month. Use bromeliad fertilizer (17-8-22) or Miracle-Gro at 1/4 strength.

Do not let them stay wet or damp for long periods.

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