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Blue Green Algae--no CO2 and no ferts

I am having a disaster in my 2 tanks. I am a newbie and both these tanks have been running for about 7-9 months.

I don't have CO2 and most of the info about how to eliminate or at least minimize the several different kinds of algae is for tanks using CO2.

I use the same nets and water hose in both tanks. I also transferred a large piece of bog wood from one tank to the other.

I read about the blackout method but doesn't this adversely affect the fish and plants? And if not, do you leave the filter running?

Also I have red cherry shrimp, amanos and and three kind of snails and don't want to lose them.

I am also not clear on how to use fertilizers with the shrimp in the tank.

Any ideas??

I am happy to attach pictures if that would help.

Thanks so much.


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