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Tank is fully clear after about 3-4 days. Water is steady around 80 degrees, though I am unsure of the water parameters as I lack a testing kit (plan to get one tomorrow or thursday). Still planning on adding more plants, though I do know that might make the tank cloudy again due to upsetting the inch of soil/clay beneath the inch of gravel, but I'm ok with that. I'm hoping to get some java moss which I'll attach to the rock (one with the hole) on its upper side, as well as maybe a moss ball and what ever else is hardy.

Plants seem to be doing well, though since I've had little experience with them, I can't be sure. I've noticed some of the lower leaves of the background plants have turned brown and wilted, though I also see what I assume to be new growth at the tops of them.

The creeping moss that I've secured in the gravel is doing much better than the ones located around the roots of the background plants. They've turned green and vibrant, though I don't know how long it takes them to spread.

These also seem to be doing well, though I can't recall their names. Not sure if they are slow growers, but they're still green and healthy looking.

Now for some questions I have been having.

1. Even though the tank isn't cycled, would adding snails like the malaysian trumpet snail be ok, on one part to start producing nutrients for the plants, and on the other to help aerate the substrate? I've heard that most freshwater snails in general tend to be rather hardy, even being able to withstand chlorine in water to a degree.

2. Should I be adding CO2 or any other chemicals/fertilizers/supplements to the water? I haven't been, though if I should I'll get right on that.

3. I've been performing 15-20% water changes daily. Is this too much or too little for a 10 gallon dirted tank?

4. Is there anything you'd guys would recommend that I could do to help my tank cycle (add fish food, add water from other tanks, etc...)?
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