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-28g bowfront
-170gph powerhead w/ lustar sponge
-evo quad light:

Price is right on that light... did some reading on forums before purchase, and I like it. Build is solid, lights are bright. Definitely appreciate the double strip for my wide tank.

I read mixed opinions about the bright whites / actinics for plants. They made my plants grow like crazy in huge gravel. In the new sand plants have roots extending to the bottom of the tank in less than one week. The actinics do cause algea, if i leave them on overnight I can see it in the morning.


-5x harlequin rasbora
-3x red eye tetra
-2x cories
-1 german blue ram, female
-1 dwarf puffer
-1 half beak
-1 bushynose pleco
-1 montezuma swordtail

Bought the tetra first after cycling the tank. They're nice and big now, but itching for something else more attractive.

The montezuma came in a pair that I thought might reproduce easily. They did not, and the female died suddenly after a few months. Not sure why, no problems with the water. Story is the same with the rams, male also died suddenly. I think this is common with GBRs. A friend bought me 7 CRS as a gift, and the male GBR promptly ate them all and then dropped dead. It was like watching him suck up 5 dollar bills. Ouch. They had one batch of eggs, but ate 'em up with some bacon after a few days. I've been thinking about getting another male, but the female is 3x the size now of the young rams in the LFS.

Love the half beak. Cheap buy on a whim, but he stays at the very top of the water column and is great to look at from the top and sides. When he dives down he really shines under the bright white lights.

Puffer is a punk. Never see him eat but he has got himself nice and fat, and hides every time i come near the tank. He's not personable, none of that eating out of your fingers stuff you see with spotted greens.

Bushynose does his thing. Wondering if he is a bushynose, seems more brown and less black/white spotted, and shows no sign of a bushy nose. Could be a female? What a great fish.

Cories are for lovers.

Thinking seriously about picking up a school of galaxy rasbora. I like them because they look like brook trout, which I love to fish for. Will probably give the montezuma to a friend with a live bearer tank. I had a molly for a while that I also gave to this friend because he was a bully. Not into livebearers for some reason.
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