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my new(to me) spec 2

forgive the cloudyness, it was planted about 15 mins before this picture.

picked up this spec (sans light) from another member here, and decided to play around with planting it for my desk at work. this is only the second tank i've ever planted with any sort of plan in mind, and it was definitely a challenge because of the small size.
I wanted to work star grass and peacock moss in there, since i recently won a bunch of that in a RAOK and i had a bunch of little teeny crypt parva rosetts i decided to work them in there, too. i envisioned a terrace and.. it wouldn't even begin to fit. this is my lame attempt at what would fit

in the back is an anubis petite glued to a small branch of driftwood with the stargrass on the second "level" to the left, with the crypts on the bottom on the right and the peacock moss in the back on some rocks. those top rocks are just to keep it in place for the moment while the glue sets (and to cover up the glue.. wow was it ugly) until they grow in a bit and help to cover that (and if they don't, well, i'll leave the rocks there )

I've got a 13w ebi light on the way for the tank, and aside from the snail, there will probably be no inhabitants, except possible a single amano shrimp (i really like the amanos) that is if it can stay at work (asking forgiveness, rather than permission) if it comes back home.. well, i think i'll do a moss wall in the back (might anyhow) and/or stuff some shrimp in there.
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