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Thanks George!!

I'm still in the process of figuring out what do do with her.

You're right, 29g aren't that roomy.

Especially with some of the big plants I've got in there (apongeton and water sprite)

Luckily, the algae problems I do have in the tank attack the aponogeton first and seem to stunt it's growth.

Those pictures were from two days ago. My hygrophilia on the left is starting to branch off and bend at the top forming more leaves. Man, does that stuff grow quickly.

I'm gonna have to cut it down. Where do you recommend making the cut?

Halfway? Then pick off bottom leaves on the cut to replant?

Also, the riccia's filled in a lot and is pearling later on in the day.

I added a 20W aqua glow strip to the 55W power compact that I already have.

Hey? What's the plant in the back that I have. Is that some sort of milfoil? I wasn't exactly sure when I got it, nor was the LFS that I got it from.

Thanks for the feedback George. I'll update ya with the progress.

I want the pennywort and the riccia to eventually wrap around the front part of the tank.
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