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Originally Posted by Fat Guy View Post
decided to stay money conscious and not buy any new glass wear. made my own acrylic outflow instead. I have made these in the past but it's been a while. got the heat gun out and couldn't have been more pleased. took me about a half hour (setup, bending, sanding, polishing). The best thing about making your own acrylic pipes is that you can customize the outflow to suit your needs, specifically the outflow angle. I used to own a gla glass pipe (which I broke a long while back) and that pipe used to blow the soil all over the place and the suction cup on it really didn't help keep the outflow elevated. Acrylic is much much much cheaper and I feel more durable then the glass ones. It's also crazy how much money ADA and other companies charge when they mark up there glass wear. I think it is silly to pay so much for a water spout when there are much simpler and affordable alternatives. today, all it took was patience during the bending process....and a work glove to protect my digits.

Duuuude... Please make me one!!
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