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In doing research about which filter I want to get came across this thread.

Since it seem these filters no longer come with the spray bar just that "goose neck" thing wouldn't that be like a jet spray coming out? Is this little 2" thing really going to circulate water good on a 75 gal tank? Can someone give me pros/cons about using this over a spray bar?

Where would you put the outlet pipe to get the best use of it? And can that goose neck thing be put into any position. I really wouldn't want that sitting out for my fish to get injured on. But what would that do to the flow?

I was just about to buy one but now not so sure about it. I should have gotten one before API took them over.

Edit: I can't seem to find the accessory pack mentioned above that has the flow control and spray bar for $50. The accessory pack that I see basically is only the inlet/outlet tubes & clips but the spray bar and flow control has to be bought separately. This is all I found:

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