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Been a while since I updated, ended up up not collecting much on spring break due to tons of snow and ice up in northern michigan. Did snag some sand to put in my tank but ended up with play sand because of ease of cleaning since the sand I collected came from a kind of a mucky spring on the lake shore (only thing not frozen). Would have liked a more natural look but its cheap and easy.

Made a little hill on top of my cave with some extra eco-ecomplete and put some chain swords, a dwarf sag plant, and some blyxa japonica, which doesn't seem to be doing so hot in my tank) on top of it. Also added a big anubias bateri, a random aponotegon (I think) from a friend and some bacopa monnieri I won in a RAOK from bluestems! Split up my crypt parva (into like ten nice little plantlets!) and put the extras down below in a bin with some other crypts and what not I am growing out.

I am fairly happy with how things are looking right now, just started root tabs and dosing some micro nutes and plants seem to be doing well, looking at getting some more (nurii and some downoi are on my list) really want to get a jungle look with some overgrown plants! Here are some pics!

Random Plant from friend

The Beach


I may try to catch your fish if they are big enough
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