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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
It's mentioned in the thread but yes, in the event of virus or other pathogen entry the plants are destroyed and the tank cleared.
The cheap substrate is pennies a pound to replace or it can be boiled and used again.
The tank, heater, filter misc hardware etc. are washed/scrubbed down with 3% hydrogen peroxide and allowed to air dry after cleaning.
Then everything is sprayed down with 70% or above rubbing alcohol maintaining a wet surface area for at least 1 minute then water rinsed and dried again.

Reload, replant with trimmings and start all over. I see this as little loss for the peace of mind.
I'm really liking our idea of a planted QT tank, but I'm thinking at a very small scale of a 10 gallon tall to reduce footprint. I don't buy tons of fish and a 10 gallon tall would be about right. I'll give it a try and post later on when everything is cycled. I'm planing to get some rams which, from my experience, do not like QT at all. The plants will make them much happier I'm sure.
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